Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Should I Take My Baby to a Funeral?

Last Friday my great-grandma passed away from cancer. She was only sick for a few months and they controlled her pain so it was relatively short and painless. She lived a long and great life and said she was ready to go meet God and see my great-grandfather again. So while it's going to be really weird for her to be gone, she was ready and is in a better place.

Now her funeral is on Friday, and I've decided I'm going to take CJ with me to the funeral with me. I figure he's only 9 months so there's no way he's going to remember it when he's older. Also, I thought it might do my family good to see his adorable little face while they're sad.

Now I just have to hope that my family can behave themselves for one day.

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Sphinx's Queen Review & Teaser

I just finished the book Sphinx's Queen by Esther M. Friesner. It's actually a sequel to Sphinx's Princess. The books are about Egyptian queen Nefertiti's childhood and adolescence. I've been on sort of an Egypt kick lately. It started with Michelle Moran's book Cleopatra's Daughter. I highly recommend that book by the way. Anywho, here's my first ever Teaser Tuesday. Also, I've attached a picture of me on a donkey in front of a step pyramid in Egypt. 

From page 138 of Sphinx's Queen

   Oh, how long had it been since the last time 'd enjoyed the rapture of dancing? Too long, much too long. I'd forgotten how good it felt. This must be what it's like to fly, I thought, my bare feet scarcely touching the ground. I spread my arms like a hawk's wings, turned my face to the stars, closed my eyes, and let my imagination send me soaring over green fields and towering golden cliffs, white cities, and the eternal blue miracle of the sacred river. I  wished that Nava would play her harp and sing her songs forever. I prayed to Isis and Hathor to let my dance forever.
  A foolish, beautiful prayer, a prayer I knew would have to go unsnaswered. It was better that way: My feet moved swiftly in the dance, but was I dancing or trying to run away?
  I stopped. Nava noticed and dropped her hands from the harp strings. "Don't you like this song? I know others I could play for you instead."
  "It's all right Nava," I told her. "You're a wonderful musician, but I'm done dancing for today. Another time." 

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Bunny

We took CJ to the mall to meet the Easter Bunny today. He wasn't a fan. For some reason he has a thing about fur. He doesn't mind Kami, our dog, but if he sees fur on other things, he freaks out. My sister-in-law wore a coat with fur on the hood this past winter and every time he saw her, even if she didn't wear the hat, he would freak out. He's also not a fan of furry socks. Anywho, here's the adorable picture of him not loving the Easter Bunny.
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Meet Babies, Books, and Beyond!

This is one of my second or third attempts at starting a blog. Let's hope it works out a bit better this time.

As you can tell from the title, I plan on writing about babies and books. I decided on the name only because those two things seem to be the focus of my life currently. I have a 9 month old baby boy and I have always loved to read. The books I write about won't just be about baby books, but all the books I read. My goal for this year is to read 52 books, most from the To-Read piles I've had for years now. In my apartment, I probably have over 500 books. It seems like every weekend we have  to go buy another bookcase. Currently there are 6 bookshelves in my dining room/living room, plus the baby has overflowing bookshelves and piles of books. Oh, I also own a nookcolor that probably has 500 books on it.

CJ getting baptized.
I'll also be posting on my son as he grows and all the craziness that comes with that. He's growing so fast and I want to be able to look back and read my thoughts during his babyhood. Just last night he finally managed to sleep for 11 hours IN HIS CRIB. This is monumentous let me tell you. Usually on a good night, he goes to his bed from 11-3 then comes in our bed and wakes up to nurse every 2 hours.

In addition to the books and babies, I just recently passed the Massachusetts teaching tests and applied for a license to teach middle school and high school English. I hope to get a teaching job that will start next September. So hopefully, eventually, I'll be writing here about my first year teaching.

Here is my family! As we like to say, welcome to the crazy!
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