Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Should I Take My Baby to a Funeral?

Last Friday my great-grandma passed away from cancer. She was only sick for a few months and they controlled her pain so it was relatively short and painless. She lived a long and great life and said she was ready to go meet God and see my great-grandfather again. So while it's going to be really weird for her to be gone, she was ready and is in a better place.

Now her funeral is on Friday, and I've decided I'm going to take CJ with me to the funeral with me. I figure he's only 9 months so there's no way he's going to remember it when he's older. Also, I thought it might do my family good to see his adorable little face while they're sad.

Now I just have to hope that my family can behave themselves for one day.

Here's me and my Gramma and my cousin Caitlin. Pin It

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