Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And the winner is!!

The winner of my first ever Barefoot Books giveaway is (drum roll please...) AMANDA STRONG!! Woohoo. The winner was chosen by so no complaints please. :) Amanda, just message me on FB with which book you would like to receive and I will get it to you ASAP. Yay! Pin It

Monday, June 20, 2011

Up Up Up, Up in a Balloon

Both the hardcover and paperback are currently $9.99. The hardcover comes with a musical CD while the paperback version contains a CD that also contains the video. Check out My Marketplace to order. Pin It

Friday, June 17, 2011

CJ's First Steps!

Yesterday, CJ took his first steps. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. He was so proud. He took two steps then yelled to make sure I was looking. Of course the second I got the camera out, he fell. I did manage to get a video of him taking steps later that I will post. I'm so proud of my little schmoopy. I'm not going to lie, I cried. Craig came home last night and put CJ in front of him and told him to come to him and he did. I promptly burst into tears. Its just overwhelming how fast he is growing. I know everyone says that but it really is true. By next week he'll be running around like he owns the joint. He does pretty much run the joint already. Did anyone else break down crying when their baby took their first steps or am I just a giant mushball? Pin It

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father's Day Giveaway!

In honor of Father's Day, I'm going to give away one of the four books that are featured on Barefoot Books for Father's Day. It'll be winner's choice. The winner (maybe 2 winners if I get a lot of entries) will be announced June 26th. That's a week after Father's Day so it'll have to be a belated Father's Day present.

                Here's how you enter.

There are two REQUIRED things you must do in order to enter. (You'll get two entries.)
  1. You must comment on this post with what you love most about being a father. If you are a woman, you must post with what you love most about your own father.
  2. You must "Like" Mama Munky's Barefoot Books on facebook.

You can get more entries by...
1. Sharing Mama Munky's Barefoot Books on facebook (1 entry)
2. Sharing this giveaway on your blog (1 entry)
3. Making a purchase from my Barefoot Books' Marketplace. (2 entries) *Make sure my name is on the bottom of the page when you check out*
4. Share the giveaway message that I'll post on the Mama Munky's Barefoot Books page on facebook.
5. Mention Mama Munky's Barefoot Books or this giveaway in your facebook status.

Thanks everyone and good luck!! Pin It

Who are Barefoot Books?!

Barefoot Books is an independent children's book publisher founded in Concord, MA that currently has offices in Cambridge, MA and Bath, England.

Since 1992, Barefoot Books has published more than 400 titles using timeless stories and captivating illustrations to tap into the wisdom of many cultures, while never forgetting that childhood is a time for fun.

For more information, check out my Barefoot Books marketplace, at Thank you! Pin It

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's going on?

I just thought I'd update with a few new endeavors I've got going on in my life.

First, we just got a new puppy. Why we decided it was a good idea to say yes when a friend offered her pug, I don't know. He's a little rambunctious but completely adorable. The hubby is calling him a Dutch Mastiff because it makes him feel better about himself.

Next, I'm planning CJ's first birthday party. We decided to go with a Sesame Street theme. I don't want to buy anything. I want to try to craft it all from stuff I already have. We'll see how that goes.

I know I mentioned in another post, plus there is a banner above, that I am selling Barefoot Books. I absolutely love these books. They're beautiful, the stories are great, and they support moms. Plus they are from Concord MA which is just a bit away from me. I'm going to try to post about one book that they offer once a week here on this blog. I'll probably have a few giveaways too.

Finally, I'm going to be a baby sign language instructor! I'm so excited about this. I'll be working with My Smart Hands which is founded and run by Laura Berg. I'll also be posting on here a "sign of the week" as well as links to the website I'll use to post class schedules and availability.

So I'm really excited for all these changes. I hope you will all enjoy them right along with me. Pin It