Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sphinx's Queen Review & Teaser

I just finished the book Sphinx's Queen by Esther M. Friesner. It's actually a sequel to Sphinx's Princess. The books are about Egyptian queen Nefertiti's childhood and adolescence. I've been on sort of an Egypt kick lately. It started with Michelle Moran's book Cleopatra's Daughter. I highly recommend that book by the way. Anywho, here's my first ever Teaser Tuesday. Also, I've attached a picture of me on a donkey in front of a step pyramid in Egypt. 

From page 138 of Sphinx's Queen

   Oh, how long had it been since the last time 'd enjoyed the rapture of dancing? Too long, much too long. I'd forgotten how good it felt. This must be what it's like to fly, I thought, my bare feet scarcely touching the ground. I spread my arms like a hawk's wings, turned my face to the stars, closed my eyes, and let my imagination send me soaring over green fields and towering golden cliffs, white cities, and the eternal blue miracle of the sacred river. I  wished that Nava would play her harp and sing her songs forever. I prayed to Isis and Hathor to let my dance forever.
  A foolish, beautiful prayer, a prayer I knew would have to go unsnaswered. It was better that way: My feet moved swiftly in the dance, but was I dancing or trying to run away?
  I stopped. Nava noticed and dropped her hands from the harp strings. "Don't you like this song? I know others I could play for you instead."
  "It's all right Nava," I told her. "You're a wonderful musician, but I'm done dancing for today. Another time." 

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