Saturday, October 13, 2012

Things I Found on the Interwebs (16)

Did you know I skipped interwebs #14? Whoops.

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What Boys Need From Moms
Fire Safety Tips
How to be a Calmer Mom I am taking this to heart.
A Bajillion Fall Activities
Toddler Chores
10 Ways to Turn Exercise into a Family Affair
DIY Halloween Costumes
Your Child and Internet Safety
Best and Worst Celeb Baby Names
Living a Healthier Life for Your Kiddos
Lovely Adoption in Progress Story

CJ School
Monster Theme Crafts
U for Universe
25 Projects for Boys

Maiden Braids
I love the look of corduroy, not so much the execution.

Great Blogging Tips
Fall Writing Prompts
10 Personal Reasons for Monetizing Your Blog
30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts
Blogger Hack - Recent Posts Widget
Overcoming Writer's Blog for Mommies

Recipes (Paleo-friendly)
Paleo Chicken Fingers Made with sweet potato fries, yum!
Balsamic Tomato Pot Roast with Veggies
Pumpkin Plantain Spice Cookies Perfect for Thanksgiving
Paleo Brownies Hubby really wants me to make these.

Things You Need To Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
Fruit Fly Solutions
PBS is the crush of the week.
Best Made for TV Movies And by best, she means worst.


Beautiful Creatures movie trailer I had no urge to read the book, but this preview looks amazing! Jeremy Irons can do no wrong.
Scary-Ish Books for Little Ones

Win an 8x10 Canvas Print

CJ's Halloween Portrait
(made on
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  1. Love the 2nd to last image- been there! TY for another great round up of interesting webby stuff!

  2. You always find great stuff, thanks. I've been perusing through your links for 10 minutes!

  3. LOl I absolutely love the graphic about finishing a book! Thanks for the link to win the canvas print!

  4. LOL - I love that one cat! I saw that about a week ago on a meme, His face looks like her has no teeth XD

  5. Love the Paleo friendly recipes! Oh and the ugly children cartoon! LOL! too funny!

  6. YES. ANGRY CAT! His memes never get old!

  7. Stopping by from the Sunday Social with Sasse Life. Just wanted to say Hello! I am a new follower:)


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