Saturday, October 20, 2012

Things I Found on the Interwebs (17)

One day spent with 1st graders, and I am sick. So I probably won't be around tomorrow. I'm going to try to sweat this thing out. Yuck. Anywho, here's some good stuff I found this week. There's a ton of links, so have fun exploring!

CJ School/ Teaching
Free Veggie Tales Printables CJ loves Veggie Tales.
Teaching Toddlers to Know God
D is for Dots
Homemade Eye Spy Pictures
Monster Crafts & Activities & Monster Songs & Fingerplays
Finger Painting on a Pumpkin
Little Old Lady Who... Activities
The Turtle Technique I'm gonna try this with CJ.
Fall Theme Tot School Doing this with CJ next week.

What is a Scientist? Poster & Lesson
Develop Strong Reading Skills Early
Glad Monster/ Sad Monster Activities This book looks adorable.

Fall Sugar Cookies Yum!
6 Scrumptious Pot Pie Recipes
Coffee and Donuts Milkshakes Sweet Jesus, that sounds amazing.
Homemade Mini Corn Dogs
Pumpkin Hummus Hubby would love this, I'm not sure if I would. I like my hummus to taste like hummus.
Fall & Halloween Recipe Roundup
Candy Corn Cookies! Luckily they don't actually taste like candy corn.

How to Optimize Photos for Pinterest
How to Run a Blog Series (and get more subscribers)
10 Things to Do Everyday To Stay Organized Useful even if you aren't a blogger.
7 Unexpected Ways to Grow Your Blog
How to Make a Collage on Picmonkey

How to Fly if you forget your Photo ID

Crush of the Week : Skylar Astin I completely agree. Adorable.
50 Random Acts of Kindness Just do one today, and then one tomorrow, and so on. 
Daily Housewifery Prompts Little things to make life easier.

Amanda Todd and the Culture of Sexism Such an absolute tragedy.
The Truth About Fort Hood Breaks my heart. 
Debt Collector Tells Disabled Veteran He Should have Died Absolutely disgusted by this story. 
Ghosts of History A guy took pictures from WWII and superimposed them over their modern-day locations.
Girl in Omaha Dresses as a Different Historical Figure Everyday Love her imagination!


The Pattern Behind The Doctor's Regenerations Oh ten. You were perfect in every way.
Pumpkins for Gamers & Nerds

Use Nosferatu to Make Books Better
Autumn Crafts Book Pay What You Can Sale Just got this, love it.

Glittered Acorns
12 Ways to Use Leaves with Kids' Crafts
Sugar Skull Make Up Tutorial Amazeballs.
Candy Corn Garland So simple!
Minion Nails I wish I had fingernails!
Quick and Easy Fall Centerpieces I <3 Fall

Definitely doing this once the season starts up again.

I'd like Liam Neeson in my bed.
Don't forget!

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  1. Thanks for these great links!

  2. Thanks for adding our Candy Corn Cookies!!!

    1. No prob, they are an awesome idea!! I'm trying to figure out how to make them dairy free so CJ can have some.


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