Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best of 2012

I've seen a lot of bloggers doing this, and decided to be unoriginal and jump on the bandwagon. Here are my post popular posts of 2012. I was surprised at some of them. I'll write a post that I think will be popular and no one will read it, then I'll write a random just for fun post and it'll get a ton of votes. This is helpful for the new year as I know what sort of posts you all love. My top ten lists are a lot more popular than I would think. My posts about children were also very popular.

  1. Top Ten Favorite Characters of All Time I was absolutely shocked to find that this is my most popular post off all time, not just this year. It has 1666 views. I'm not sure why this is so popular.
  2. Mad for Mad Men - In July I became obsessed with Mad Men and watched all 5 seasons of it. I then had to share my love for the show with all of you. And for some reason, that post is also very popular with almost 500 views.
  3. Ten (Mostly Free) Online Preschool Curriculum for Toddlers - This is my most pinned post, so I'm not surprised that is so popular. I'm glad I could help fellow tot moms. 
  4. Toddler Summer Fun List - I love that CJ and I's list of fun things to do during the summer was so popular. We had a lot of fun playing and I'm glad it was helpful to others. 
  5. Best Christmas Books for Children - This post is only a month old and already is in 5th place. I think was due to a lot of people doing the 25 books of Christmas countdown with their kids and needing ideas for which books to choose. 
  6. Keeping Your Child's Smiles Bright - Should I be offended that one of my most popular posts is a guest post? I kid. This is a great post about helping your toddler learn dental hygeine, so I'm glad to share the information. 
  7. CJ Afraid of the Vacuum - So funny that this is one of my most popular posts. It is just two pictures of CJ strumming the guitar on the couch, crying, and trying to hide from the vacuum cleaner. He still does this. He is petrified. No idea why. 
  8. Top Ten TV Guilty Pleasures - Another funny one to be so popular. Just my list of trashy tv that I love. Maybe you can all relate and that's why it is so popular. 
  9. Georgia's Anti-Obesity Campaign - This one is all the way from January, when I decided to share my thoughts on how disgusting I found Georgia's anti-obesity campaign to be. I guess most of you agreed. 
  10. A to Z Mini-Challenge #1 - This was the first challenge in 2012's A to Z Book Challenge. If you are interested in joining this years, go to A to Z Challenge 2013
Some of my other popular posts were:
Ten Things Guaranteed to Make Your Toddler Smile Pin It


  1. Wow...I kind of want to do thus now! How did you find out your most popular posts?

    1. Are you on blogger? I used google analytics and then just manually went through my blog posts in my blogger dashboard to see the number of views.

  2. Good list! It's always nice to look back at the year and see what you have accomplished!

  3. I love this! I am curious as to my top posts now. And I'm going to have to read yours! Thanks

  4. Great idea! I'm going to check my posts fun to look back and see what everyone found interesting.

  5. I enjoyed reading your posts. Looks like you've had a busy year.
    Thanks for hosting the linky. I love using them, but I'm too lazy and forgetful to make my own. lol
    Happy New Year to you and yours!
    : )


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