Friday, March 22, 2013

Religious Easter Books for Toddlers

Looking for the perfect Easter book for your toddler's Easter basket? I got you covered. Today I'll have my favorite religious Christ-centered Easter books, then on Monday I'll have my favorite non-religious Easter books. I'll put a star next to CJ's favorites. The prices are from Amazon.

An Easter Gift for Me ($6.29) - This is a softly illustrated board book that very simply tells how Jesus was born for us, then died for us. Not scary or overwhelming for little ones.
What Is Easter? ($4.98) - Gently explains that Easter isn't about the bunny or the eggs, it is about Jesus. It is part of a whole series of "What is..." books.
The Easter Story ($4.99) - A board book that includes Jesus arriving in Jerusalem, the Last Supper, and the Resurrection.
The Story of Easter ($6.29) - This one is in CJ's Easter basket. It's a very simple board book with a carrying case for your little one. Another one that gently tells the story of Jesus and his resurrection.
An Easter Prayer ($8.99) - A board book telling how God is responsible for all the wonders of Spring.
God Gave Us Easter ($6.50) - Pape Bear explains to his little Cub how much God loved people that he sent his son to save us. Gorgeous pictures of the Arctic.
The Parable of the Lily ($7.19) - I love this one, so cute! Maggie throws a bulb she doesn't care about in the garden, forgetting about it. She is shocked when a lily appears on Easter morning. Through the lily she learns about the meaning of Easter.
The Story of the Easter Robin ($10.87) - Through the eggs on her windowsill, a little girl learns about God's love of all creatures.
Easter In The Garden ($11.95) - This one gets me right in the feels. A little boy is sad because his family's friend Jesus dies, then when he hears that Jesus is alive, he is overjoyed.
The Legend of the Sand Dollar ($6.29) - Kerry learns how the sand dollar can help teach about Easter.
The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story - The cubs are obsessed with candy, so Mama Bear helps them learn the story of Jesus and his Resurrection. Pin It


  1. My kids love The Berenstain Bears I def. have to check that one out for them :)

  2. Cute, great job getting those resources together!

  3. Actually last week I bought ‘The story of Easter’ and ‘God gave us Easter’ for my children’s and they are so happy with those books.


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