Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CJ's Belly Button

Sorry everyone about the glitch. Our computer battery died last week and we just now got the replacement battery. So I am back and ready to write.

While I was nursing CJ for his nap earlier today, I wrote an entire blog post in my head. I cannot remember a single word of it now....

So Craig went on a stag night this weekend. His friend Ben is getting married in September so they all went camping up in Vermont and are going to see the Dropkick Murphy's tonight. So it is just me and the bambino tonight. CJ has been hysterical the last few days. He's just been being really funny. I'll post some videos of him and his insanity. I gotta go get him ready for bed but I'll come back on later and do a more content-rich post.

This had me cracking up. I always tickle CJ's belly and say "belly belly belly belly button" and I caught him doing it to himself. Pin It

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