Sunday, May 27, 2012

Things to Accomplish This Week

Other than teaching sign language on Sunday, we have a nice open week this week. Finally. So I'm making myself a honey-do list. Unless I put things down, I never get them done. My brain is just too discombobulated to keep it all straight. So I'm going to share my weekly plans with you all on here. Hopefully they'll give you some ideas. There will be crafty things, educational things, and reading things.

Bloggy Stuff
1. Finish Let's Pretend This Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir) by the Bloggess.
2. Review the above book and some children's books reviews.
3. Set up another awesome giveaway. (Would anyone like some jewelry?)
4. Make a page with all my reviews linked on it. Would make life a lot easier.

Skirt to alter.
5. If I can find some fabric that goes with it, I'm going to take apart my favorite skirt so I can add a panel in the back so it can fit me. Let's be real, I'm never going to be a size 8 ever again. Possibly going to make it a ruffle bum skirt. We shall see. I bought it in Egypt and I can't bear to part with it so I shall make it something new.
6. Hem Craigle's pants. I have had a pile of pants to hem for quite some time, so I hope to get to it.
7. Sew CJ a couple pairs of shorts. Possibly using this pattern.
8. Finish Aunika's fairy tale blankie.
9. Make name banners for Aunika, Angelina, and Ida. Kind of like CJ's here except girlier.
10. Start making letters from leftover fabric.
11. Start the turn shirts into pillows project.

Crafting with CJ
12. Make CJ a batman mask. Find fabric for the mahna mahna Muppets costume.
13. Paint a city scene on cardboard for CJ's cars.
14. Alphabet magnets.
15. Start CJ's corner fairy garden.
16. Paint rocks. I'd like to paint some ladybugs, strawberries, owls, and rocks with words on them. Possibly a few gnomes and toadstools. Depends on the shapes I can find.

Source: via Lindsey on PinterestOther Craftiness
17. Make a book page garland for Angelina.
18. Make a painting with the Be Not Afraid quote on it.
19. Put fabric over corkboard, add pins = Necklace holder
20. Start cutting Craig's shirts for t-shirt quilt.

21. Paint CJ's room.
22. Continue to clean backyard.
23. Make garden/walkway.
24. Start gallery wall in living room.
25. Finish emptying boxes out of dining room.
26. Work on compost heap.

27. Menu Plan for the month of June.
28. Start planning CJ's party for realz.
29. Things to start collecting for projects : Wood, rocks.

I feel like I need a 30th thing to make it nice and round and even. Hmmmm. How about 30 is to make it a nice happy week for the whole family. Sounds like a good final goal to me. :)

Obviously, I doubt I will get even half of this done. But I know that without putting it all down for myself, I will never get it done.

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