Friday, February 22, 2013

Saving the world, one blog at a time

I'm alive!!! School has been crazy, and it is absolutely kicking my butt. We are out of the house almost all day everyday, so I haven't had time to sit and read all my favorite blogs and write all my blog posts. It makes me sad. The good thing is, some of my classes have given me some awesome fodder for my blog. The bad thing is, one of my classes has me going through quite an existential crisis.

I have always been a bleeding heart. I want to save everyone and I want everyone to love everyone and for the world to be a happy wonderful place. Unfortunately it is not. I feel like I am not doing enough to make the world a better place. I love this blog. I love all the people I've met through it. I love the blogging community. But I can't help wondering if I could be doing more. How can I use this blog (or maybe a new blog) to help make the world a better place?

Don't worry, the blog isn't going to change overnight. I'll still have my reviews and giveaways and posts about books and education. I just wanted to share where my head space is currently. I look forward to seeing you all along the way. Pin It

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