Sunday, February 24, 2013

Son-day Sunday

The apple doesn't fall far...
I smelled poo and asked CJ if he pooped in his pants. He was so offended that I asked him. He started crying and said "NO! Dada clean my bum!!" and then ran away.

CJ is on this being helpful kick. No matter what you are doing, he comes running from the next room screaming "I HELP YOU! I HELP YOU!" God forbid you not let him help, epic meltdown. So now there is a stool in every room so that he can "help" with whatever you are doing. Just this morning, he helped me by putting the carrots and potatoes I had cut into the crockpot. Maybe I'll do a little post on all the chores he does do. He loves when I call him a "very helpful engine" just like Thomas.

It took me three hours to get CJ to sleep the other night. So I took a picture. Check out Tuesday's pic below. Don't I look thrilled? 

Monday, we were at Nana's house because of the storm. CJ decided to do my homework for me.
Tuesday, I was thrilled to be up with him for three hours. Look at the smirk on his adorable face. Little bugger.
Wednesday, CJ fell asleep on the way to dropping me off from class.
Thursday, and every day since, CJ has worn this monkey costume. The big hips on it kill me.
Friday, we had a snugglebug night and watched The Wizard of Oz. He snuggled and was quiet throughout the whole movie.
Saturday, apparently he was hungry and decided to help himself.
Sunday, he helped me cut up carrots and put them in a roast.

CJ's current favorite book is: Luna's Night (Bear in the Big Blue House). It glows in the dark and BLOWS his mind every night.
CJ's favorite activity is: counting. He can now count to twenty. We had been counting to 15 together and then all of a sudden he went up to 20. No idea where he learned that. I asked him if Mama taught him to count and he said no. I asked who did and he said "Your fingers!" So smart.
CJ's favorite show is: the episode of Yo Gabba Gabba with robots. "Bobot one!" he tells me.

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