Saturday, February 16, 2013

Things I Found (6)

So I've made another blog decision. It is too time-consuming posting a ton of links every week. From now on, I'm going to post 5 under each category max. This'll be easier for me to write, and easier for you to read. See how helpful I am?

Put Down the iPhone - Be awake for you kid's lives. 

DIY Heart-Stamped Scarf - <3 everything Pearmama does.

Lenten Sacrifices - Still don't know what to give up or change. 

How to Add a Pin-It Button to Every Blog Post - Makes it much easier.
How to Make Social Media Collages
My Body Gallery - You look up people with the same measurements as you so you can see what you look like to others.

Why You Should Be Honest in Your Reviews - You will get caught.

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  1. Hey Lindsey!

    I got your comment on the blog about swapping buttons! Yes, I'd love for you to add mine to your site. If you'd like you can just grab the code from my sidebar!



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