Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CJ's 9 Month Check Up

In baby news, CJ had his 9 month check up today. For the first time since he was born, he is no longer in the 100th percentile. While he seems to me and everyone else to be a big old chunkamunk, he is now in the 50th percentile in both height and weight. He's 20lbs 5oz and 28.5inches tall. He's still wearing a newborn size 1 shoe though. Eeensy weensy feets.

CJ was perfect during my Gramma's funeral by the way. I got tons of compliments on his great behavior. At one point, after my cousin Kim gave a beautiful eulogy, I had tears streaming down my face. CJ's never seen me cry like that before and so was a bit confused. He decided to make me feel better by acting like a goof and attaching himself to my chin. He was making the ladies behind us laugh too by making funny faces. He was just really good. It was great to see that side of my family too. I hardly ever see my mother's paternal family. They live all over the world, from Cairo to Las Vegas to Maine. My Uncle Mike was my Gramma's beautiful blond baby boy and I haven't seen him since I was in Egypt in 2005, so it was really great to see him. Both my Gramma and I collect angels, so he and his wife Catherine gave me a few of the angels from her collection. I will cherish those forever. The service was absolutely beautiful. She was a huge part of the church there and good friends with the pastor so it was very personal. The pastor talked about how she loved the song "Lord of the Dance" and how they always joked that one day he would ask her to dance down the aisle with him. He said that he looks forward to the day that he goes to Heaven and taps her on the shoulder and asks "May I have this dance?". My cousin Kim talked about how sweet my Gramma was and yet how very outspoken she was. If she didn't like the way you dressed, she'd let you know. The last time I was there she wasn't happy with my hair, which was dyed black. She talked about how beautiful I was as a blonde, and said I looked like a gypsy.

Here's a picture of CJ on the grass in Gramma's backyard. I love this picture. Pin It

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