Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How My Son Tried To Give Me a Heart Attack

I'm telling you right now, that my son's mission in life today was to give me a heart attack. Today at around 3 o'clock I was eating some tuna fish and I put American cheese on top of it. I gave CJ a sliver of cheese. I'm talking a tiny sliver. Not more than 3 minutes later, his face is bright red, he's got white welts all over his face and neck, he's scratching like a maniac and screaming. I gave him a bit of Benadryl and called the doctor, they said to come in so Craig came home from work and we went in. By the time we got there, the white welts were gone and CJ was happy as a clam.

So then just a bit ago, CJ is playing on the floor and starts gagging like he's choking on something. I picked him up and whacked him and out came the cheese and the puke he was choking on. Poor baby.

So just now CJ was in his exersaucer and I was sitting on the floor next to him and we were watching Jeopardy. He knows all the answers, obviously. But anyhow, he just leans his head over, closes his eyes, and goes to sleep. At 730pm. My son doesn't go to bed until midnight and that's after he nurses for half an hour, gets rocked to sleep by Mama, then wakes up when Dada comes home and then gets rocked back to sleep by Dada. So needless to say, I scooped him up and checked to make sure he was ok. He was fine, just apparently all tuckered out from trying to kill his mom today. So now he's in bed, sans pajamas because he fell asleep in just a diaper and a bib.

Update : Now over a year later, we know that CJ is severely allergic to milk. So that explains this shenanigans.

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  1. Oh wow! A similar thing happened to my baby when he tried just a smidge of peanut butter. One little baby bite of my PB&J sandwich when he was around 18 months. No fun! We now carry an epi-pen :(

    Hope you had a restful night!

  2. Thanks Nichole! He ended up being fine of course, but I was up worrying all night. :)


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