Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Car Was En Fuego.

This is where the baby was just minutes before.
My little sister (not so little, she's 21) was here visiting from Rochester NY (where she goes to college). We were supposed to go to my grandmother's house to visit and have dinner. We are walking out the door when my grandmother calls and says "Dinner is off, your sister is on the way to the ER". So it turns out my sis was having chest pains so she went to the ER. We turn around to go in the opposite direction, up to New Hampshire. Neither the hubby nor I had eaten all day so we stop at McDonald's. While we were on the highway I said to my husband, "The car seems to be smoking a little bit more than usual". He had a disgusting, belching fumes into the air, single-handedly destroying the ozone layer, 1995 Chevy Blazer (we didn't know it took its' name literally). He says "No, its fine".

Well I go into McDonald's to order when all of a sudden, my husband runs in with the baby, throws him at me, and says "TAKE THE BABY, THE CAR IS ON FIRE!" I, of course, think my husband is being a melodramatic little drama queen so I turn to look at the car. As I turn the car LITERALLY goes up in flames. The car is gone. Destroyed. Nothing left but the hulk. Had we not stopped, my husband, myself and my 11 month old son would all be gone. I can barely even think about it.
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