Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Imbue Pain Relief Patch Review

Thanks to a rather ample chest and running way too much while in the Army, I tend to have a lot of pain. The pain is generally in my back, my knees, and my feet.  Since I'd rather not take pain pills all day long, I was more than happy to try the Imbue Pain Relief Patch.

Imbue was founded by Peter and Briana Borten. Peter is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Briana is a Licensed Massage Therapist. They live in Portland, Oregon where they own and run the Dragontree holistic spa. They've worked with injuries and pain of all kinds before they developed their new pain relief patch.

The patch is made of 51mg of Menthol and 15mg of Methyl Salicylate (from Oil of Wintergreen) per patch. To apply, you simply peel of the backing and stick it onto the place you have pain. About a minute after I applied the patch, a nice cooling sensation filled the area. I applied it to my lower back. The cooling sensation lasted well after I applied it. It really helped relieve the pain. It made it feel like the pressure I usually feel in my back was gone. I have one more patch to use, and I am going to cut it in half, and use it on my feet when they start to really hurt.

I would definitely recommend these patches for anyone who has muscle sprains. Obviously, I'm not a doctor, and if you have a serious injury you should see a doctor. But for mild aches and pains, this is an awesome product to try.

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  1. I would really like to receive a free Imbue Patch to try.


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