Monday, March 12, 2012

Numi Tea Review

It is kind of a stereotype. Those who like to read also like to sip tea. I think this particular stereotype rings true, at least for me. There's nothing like curling up with a nice cup of tea and a good book. So when I found out that Numi Tea was looking for people to review their teas, I said uhmmmm hellz yes.

Let me tell you about Numi Tea. They are an amazing company, run by a brother and sister, that does everything fair trade, fair labor, and eco-friendly. You can go to their website and see the places where they get their teas and the people who they get it from. All of their teas are organic and delicious. They use 100% recycled material on their boxes and their filters are even biodegradable.

They sent me an box with 6 different types of their amazing teas, but I'm going to tell you about my favorite three.

First there was the Aged Earl Grey Tea. This is very high in caffeine, so I only drank it first thing in the morning. For me, it was a perfect breakfast tea. It was strong, but not as strong as coffee. It was the perfect smack in the face I need when the baby wakes up at 7am. The only ingredients in this tea, is tea. Specifically, organic Assam black tea with Bergamot. There is a slight citrus taste, but it is still almost manly in its taste.

The second tea that I absolutely loved was the Chamomile Lemon. This tea is pretty much the exact opposite of the Aged Earl Grey. This one is perfectly soothing and gentle. It has no caffeine, so I like to drink this one at night before bed. It is supremely relaxing. The only ingredients in this tea are Lemon Myrtle and organic
whole chamomile tea. Drinking this feels like you are sitting down with an old friend. They call this one a "teasan" not a "tea" because it comes from herbs and not a tea plant.

Finally, there were the two green teas that I enjoyed. I tried both the regular Gunpowder Green Tea and the Jasmine Green Tea. Personally, I found the jasmine green tea too flowery for me. It seemed to overwhelm the subtlety of the green tea. Green tea is delicious by itself, and it doesn't really need anything extra. So then I tested the Gunpowder Green Tea, which is just tightly curled green tea leaves. This was freaking delicious. It wasn't overwhelming, but you know you are drinking some green tea.

So which was my favorite? It was really hard to choose, but I think that the Aged Earl Grey was my favorite. I'm surprised because I really love lemon in my tea and I assumed that my favorite would be the Lemon Chamomile. But the Aged Earl Grey surprised me with its deliciousness. If you would like to purchase some tea to try, head to their Shoplet website.


I received free samples of this tea to try. This did not affect my unbiased review. All images courtesy and copyright Numi Tea (except the top one). 
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