Saturday, March 31, 2012

A-Z Mini-Challenge #4 - April

Where is this year going?! I mean seriously. April?! Already. Sheesh. 

This month's challenge is to read a book with over 1000 pages. 

Just kidding! April Fool's! 

In honor of April Fool's Day...

Read a book that makes you laugh. 

Another easy one. It doesn't have to be classified as humor. If at any point during the book, you laugh, it counts. Good luck! Let me know what you read. Since I read a lot of historical fiction, there's a lot of rape and murder and mayhem, not a lot of laughing. I could use a break. 

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  1. You're right - I'm optimistic this is going to be an easy one :D

    Also, can I just say, I was *ridiculously* pleased to pick up a genuine X in March (and I totally loved it - bonus!). Xenofreak Nation if anyone else enjoys near-future adventure stories and still needs X :)

  2. I made a resolution to read my 3 longest books this year, which are all over 1000 pages, so I was actually kind of disappointed when you said April Fool's. :P

    This one should be easy, since the read-a-thon is this month and I love to read short, fluffy, funny stuff for the read-a-thon.


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