Saturday, November 3, 2012

Things I Found on the Interwebs (19)

Thanksgiving & Fall
Thanksgiving Traditions What are yours?
Free Thanksgiving Activities Definitely using some of these.
Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts They are all so cute! I don't which one to do!
Thanksgiving Crafts & Printables for Preschool & Kindergarten 
Awesome Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas 

Funny Christmas Photo Inspiration

CJ School
Pumpkin Sensory Bin I really need to start making CJ his sensory bins.
Simple Autumn Preschool Simple and great ideas.
The Letter G 
Activities for Learning Letters
Pumpkin Tot School
How do you get your kids to clean? Some great ideas here.

Toilet Paper Roll Art
Weather Crafts for Kids
Sugar Skull Makeup for Kids An awesome tutorial. She made it seem so easy!

Movies & TV
Scream was an awesome movie. I don't even know how people can argue that it wasn't.
10 Best Poor Girl Moments "Help me, I'm poor."

40 Fiction Books for Boys
Children's Books about Great Artists
Picture Books about Friendship

Post Sharing Ettiquette 

Feminist Talks About Politics A good read.
Whedon Supports Romney (and the Zombie apocolypse)
Yes, This Does Affect You
 As a side note, whatever your beliefs, please go out and vote on Tuesday. That is your duty and your right.
                                                                 Source: via Nikki on Pinterest

Ha. I LoLed. 
What I want to say to hubby everyday.

Don't mess with the Dame.
Don't forget to vote on Tuesday!!  Pin It


  1. Love this list. The second pic from the bottom is my fave!

  2. I love your roundups...especially the hilarious pics! I always bookmark...It's great entertainment later when I have time to pull it up on my iPad, kick back and catch up on fun stuff!

  3. Rickatorship! Ha!! I LOVE Walking Dead and love seeing all of the funnies popping up about it just as much! :)

  4. i love all of these!!

    Now say I am pretty..


  5. scream was a wretched movie in 1996 and it certainly doesn't hold up 15 years later. also, they killed off my girlfriend in the first 10 minutes so i stopped watching. took me almost 5 years to watch the whole thing because it was so bad.

  6. These are hilarious. I can't believe that Princess Leia is technically a Disney princess now! lol


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