Saturday, November 10, 2012

Things I Found on the Interwebs (20)

I have a pretty small list this week. Between school, recovering from the hurricane, and my grandfather being in the hospital, life has just been too much. Today was the first day that I spent home in my own house. I'm a stay at home mom people, I'm supposed to be staying at home! I hope you enjoy what I was able to read this week. I found some goodies.

DIY Craft Room Organization - I want all of these rooms.
Make a Duvet from Your Tiny Scraps - I want to do this but in a rainbow? 
Create a Beautiful Home - An awesome roundup of gorgeous crafts to make your home beautiful.

Thanksgiving Books for Kids - I was going to make this list, but she already made it for me.
Books About Bedtime Challenges - I need one that will make him to go to his bed only at 8:30 exactly.
Christmas Books & Activities for Preschoolers

Set up a review policy - I have one in my head, bu it would helpful to have it written down.

Mini Pumpkin Pies - I love pumpkin so much!
Barack Obama's Chili Recipe Sounds yummy. 

Fashion & Style
Roll Up Bun - How I used to do my hair on lazy days, need to do this again instead of just a ponytail.

Teaching & CJ School
Adorable Soldiers for Veteran's Day - So cute!
Crafty Chica Design Team - I am featured on this page!
Polka Dot Wreath - So pretty.
$2 Thanksgiving Picture
Handmade Ornaments
Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Reminds me of the first picture here


It is like they know my life. 
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  1. I look forward to your weekly find! hahahaha @ the Alcatraz one!

  2. These are neat finds on the web! I will have to do some of them :)


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