Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mad for Mad Men

Look at those dresses! To die for.
I know that I am a little late to the party, but my latest obsession is Mad Men. Everyone has recommended the show to me since it first started. I'm not really sure why it took me so long to finally get around to watch it. I knew I would love it. I think maybe I was waiting til it had run its course so I could watch it straight through. Here's what I think of the show so far. Keep in mind, I just finished season 1.

The Drapers
I was fully prepared to hate Don Draper. Everything you read in magazines is about what a egotistical piece of sexist trash he is. And he is, don't get me wrong. But he isn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. His wife however, is a piece of work. I hate her. All she does is complain. Your life isn't so tough. You are a grown ass woman. Go raise your children, cook dinner, and quit your bitching. Also, keep away from the 9-year old boy. What is that all about? It is creepy that's what it is.

Pete Campbell
I may have had this poster on my wall as a kid.
Thanks Teen Beat. 
I will not hate Vinnie Karthieser. I won't do it. You can make Pete Campbell the biggest douche in all of douchington and I refuse to hate him. He's the kid from Alaska! He's Angel's son Connor for goodness sake!! He had a baby with Cordelia! He found an Indian in the Cupboard!

He is a manipulative little jerk though. He knows exactly what to say to Peggy to get into her head. When he said "I don't like you like this." I wanted to smack him. You shut your mouth Connor!

Peggy & Joan
Blown away by the finale. Did not see that one coming. I'm glad that Peggy and Joan are able to show what it was like to be a woman in this time period. They are obviously very different women and the dichotomy between the two shows the different ways that woman coped with their situations. Joan's clothes and curves are to die for, but I love Peggy.

My favorite character is Paul. He's one of the other ad execs. He is the not blond exec who doesn't wear glasses. I hate how he blends in, I think that his character has a lot of potential. I think he could be viable love interest for Peggy. They both deserve decent relationships. He didn't do much in season one, but from what I gather, he becomes increasingly important.  

Paul on the right. Love the facial hair. I think the producers
realized that he and Harry (on the left) were too alike.
I also love that John Slattery is on the show. He is just yummy. He's on my list of older men that I love. He's what my friend Tina calls a "gray fox". I love him in those car commercials and now on the show. He just oozes sophistication and class. Yum.

My hubby doesn't get the appeal of the show. I'm not really sure what it is that I like about it. It is smart and sexy and everything that people have been saying about it for the last 5 years. I'm glad I finally gave it a chance. I say by the end of July I'll be completely caught up. I love spotting different actors and actresses from other shows on it too. I can't wait until Alexis Bledel shows up. 

Did you ever wait to watch a show and then fall in love with it? Which one? 
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  1. Oh, HOW FUN that you're just discovering this!

    I'll be curious to see what you think of Pete Campbell by the time you're all caught up. :)

    Enjoy your Mad Men! Love this show.

    1. I won't hate him and you can't make me!!!

      Lol, I don't know what took me so long to watch it. I knew I would love it, I just didn't give in to the peer pressure. I'm glad I finally did. Now once the baby is in bed and I am waiting for the hubby to get home from work, I've got my show to watch. I'm going to be so sad when I'm all caught up and I have to wait for it to air like every body else!

  2. I never watched it but you got me interested now! :-)

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