Monday, July 16, 2012

Organa Kids' DVD & Giveaway

We are a big TV family in our house. I know that is bad, but we can't help it. Hubby and I like to relax at night and watch some TV, so I can't begrudge the little one for wanting to do the same. He isn't always watching TV, but it is usually on in the background. He isn't allowed to watch just anything though. I make sure that whatever he is watching is age-appropriate (except when dada watches Spiderman with him) and somewhat educational. We don't have cable, so CJ is limited to Netflix and his DVDs. I'm always on the lookout for new fun and education DVD's.

I was recently introduced to the DVDs put together by Organa Kids. Organa Kids was started with the intention of producing quality children's DVDs. They wanted to introduce American children to multicultural stories with universal themes. Many of the characters comes from stories popular in various other countries, but with ideas that resonate with American children. For more information, go to

The awesome people over at Organa Kids sent me two DVDs for CJ and I to watch and review. First we got Happy Valley. Not going to lie, at first I thought that the illustrations were kind of goofy. They reminded me of South Park, so I thought it was going to be campy and dumb. I ended up thinking it was really cute. Happy Valley is for pre-schoolers and it just follows a group of young children as they go about their daily lives. They live in an ideal place where they can frolic and sing nursery rhymes and explore the seasons. It is very simply and lively. CJ loved it. He loved all of the music and especially loved the Fall scene with all of the leaves falling down. Check out a sample below.

The second DVD we got to preview was Nelly & Caesar. Nelly and Caesar are stars of an internationally beloved book series. Nelly the mouse and Caesar the frog are best friends. Along with their many animal friends, including a hedgehog, beaver, and squirrel, they go on daily adventures. Along the way they invite your child to come with them. Each episode invites your child to come along with them and play whatever game it is they are playing that episode. Through interaction, your child will learn while playing. CJ really liked this one. He is obsessed with frogs, so this was right up his alley.

CJ and I are now big fans of Organa Kids. We will definitely be getting a few more of their DVDs.  I have my eye on  Dougie in Disguise and possibly one of their Yoga for kids DVDs. If you would like to win your own set of DVDs from Organa Kids, just fill out the rafflecopter form below.

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  1. We have these DVDs and LOVE THEM! They're different and just awesome!


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