Saturday, July 7, 2012

Things I Found on the Interwebs

I stole this idea from my new hero, The Bloggess. I spend way too much time on the internet, finding funny and amusing things. From time to time, I even learn something. Crazy I know. Since I know you have busy, important lives with more important things to do than search the net for awesomeness (ha... no you don't) I will share all the good stuff I find. Maybe this will be weekly. Mayhaps. Yes, blogger, mayhaps is a word. Shakespeare said it and everything. (I have no idea if Shakespeare really did.)

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - There are a ton of episodes, so I might be a little behind the times. But it's pretty awesome. Here's episode 1. 

The Weasley Twins are all growed up! Also, they're 26... only 2 years younger than me. I feel less dirty now.
Pearmama's Dream Babysitter List
The Bloggess Terrorizing Her Husband again. My husband was HORRIFIED.

55 Peanut Butter and Jelly Recipes More than just a sandwich. I found this because I wanted to make CJ a peanut butter and jelly birthday cake. I couldn't how to make it dairy-free, so if you have any idea, let me know.
Pork Chop Apple Bean Packets I generally don't eat pork, but this sounds delicious.
S'mores Nachos That's right. S'mores Nachos. I have everything I need to make this but I am trying to resist.
Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie This has everything I love.

What is a literacy cafe? A cool way to teach the Harlem Renaissance. I hope to use this in a classroom someday.
I Want This Dress Also, the model is freaking GORGEOUS.
Gorgeous Handmade Jewelry I want it all. jewelry

Link to the left. Copyright Crafty Chica.
How to Make Your Blog Sparkle! An awesome e-course from The Crafty Chica. I wish I had an extra $99 so I could take it. Love her. 
How To Pitch To Businesses Complete with sample pitch letter. Great tips.

10 Fun Ways of Helping Kids Learn the ABCs

21 Books About Farm Animals
How To Make a Beach Sensory Bag

How To Make a Toddler Craft Kit
Ten Things Guaranteed to Make Your Toddler Smile

Hope you find some new sites to follow and some great information! Enjoy! Also, please sir, no touching of the dog. 

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