Saturday, July 14, 2012

Things I Found on the Interwebs

Here are the goodies I found this week. Enjoy!! 
Does anyone have any thoughts on another name I could use instead of "Things I found on the interwebs"? I'm open to suggestions.

Here on the blog
Easy Dairy-Free/ Vegan Chocolate Cake
Top Ten Summer Books for Toddlers
Da Vinci Charm Bracelet Giveaway
Win a Signed Copy of Let's Pretend This Never Happened

Movies/ Video
In case you haven't seen it yet...

Books are awesome - Carl Sagan One of my favorite quotes illustrated. Love it.
What Is a Classic? Some criteria for what makes a book a classic and then some examples for children.

How To Create an Emergency Kit You never know when the zombie apocalypse is going to start.
5 Ways To End Your Mobile Device Addiction It needs to be done.

How one mom handled ungrateful kids.  Awesomely I might add.
An awesome birth story. I love happy birth stories.

10 Blog Layout Tips
Do-follow vs no-follow. De-mystified.
Taking Quality Blog Photos

How to Make Crate Seats Such a cute idea. If I get lower grades, I'll definitely need some of these.

My brain is like, "Hey remember that movie you saw with the ghosts and the demons?"

My nana : So you are a lady of leisure? That must be nice.

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  1. That video is totally awesome! I love the first picture too. So true!


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