Saturday, April 7, 2012

Children's Book Review - Animal Babies from Owlkid's Books

Animal Babies by Owlkid's Books is part of their Lift the Flap and Learn series. There is also The Human Body and Earth and Sky. The book is written by Pascale Hedelin and illustrated by Stephanie Herrbach. The book is interactive and good for ages 2-10.

As you can tell from the images, CJ really enjoyed this book. There were a ton of flaps to lift and pages to peer into. The details were a little lost on him, but he was fascinated by the pictures. His favorite part, which you can see in this picture, were the turtle eggs hidden in the sand. He had a good time trying to get the sand out of the way so he could find the eggs. There were tons of animals in this book from the biggest to the smallest and we had a ton of fun feeling the pictures and pulling on all the tabs. 

This was my favorite illustration. It's a giraffe giving birth. You pull the tab down to get the giraffe to just plop right out. I've actually seen a giraffe give birth, at the Denver Zoo, and that really is how it happens.

I think this would be a great book for homeschoolers or any kid who is really curious as to how things work. It came with a giant poster of animals from the African savannah for even more in-depth study. There are a ton of little tidbits of information scattered about. CJ liked all the pictures and interactive things, but it is geared more towards older kids who can appreciate all the knowledge it contains. I will be keeping this one on the shelf for when CJ gets just a little bigger.

 I received a free copy of this book from Owlkid's Books. I was not paid for this review. This review is 100% my true and honest opinion. Pin It

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