Thursday, April 5, 2012

Guest Post - Why Easter Is Special To Me

Not a fan.
Why Easter has a Special Place in my Heart

My little brother had been hospitalized with a bad case of Rheumatic Fever. He was bedridden throughout his kindergarten year, and very weak and sickly for the next year or so. The doctor restricted him from physical exercise as well as anything else that would cause excess excitement for fear of a relapse. Since he was unable to participate in many Holiday activities, the few of us that were still young were also prevented from being able to join in.

I did try to do so once, and gave him almost everything I had gotten. However, while I excitedly told him about the party I saw the tears winding their way down his gaunt face and I felt guilty for reminding him that he had been unable to enjoy it for himself. After that, our family had very quiet celebrations for a few years until the doctor lifted his restrictions and declared my brother well.

Neither of us had ever been to an Easter egg hunt given by the city before and was surprised when we were finally able to go to one to find that we were too late for both the refreshments and the hunt. A boy from school who was about to leave gave us each a coupon for free ice-cream cones. This made the trip worth it, even though we were late for the hunt.

As we turned to leave ourselves, we saw a basket with a few brightly decorated hard-boiled eggs lying forgotten upon the ground. The woman at the refreshment stand told us that kids often leave the regular eggs behind because they only wanted the candy and gifts and told us it was ours if we wanted it. My brother’s eyes lit up a little when she placed it in his hands and we went to get our cones in a happier mood.

Later, sitting on a bench with our cones, my brother idly picked up each egg to look at the cute designs. I noticed a piece of paper that was stuck to the bottom of one egg and I pulled it off, intending to throw it away. On closer inspection, though, I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was a $50 gift certificate for the department store across the bridge! My brother and I had a blast spending it on his first ball and bat and assorted candy and small toys. It turned out to be the first of many Easter egg hunts for me, and the reason why Easter is my favorite holiday.

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