Monday, April 9, 2012

Menu Plan, Etcetera

Hey everyone! I will come back to write a proper post after CJ's nap, but I just wanted to get down our menu plan. I tried to come up with a plan for the whole month. It seems to save us money to plan it out this way. Everything is of course subject to change based on sales and things just happening in life. But here is our tentative menu plan for the week.

Menu Plan
Monday - Falafel, hummus, and tabouleh (This is a family favorite, we have it probably once a week. It's just easy, quick, and delicious.)

Tuesday - Baked Crusted Honey-Mustard Chicken - I saw this somewhere, and it just sounded really yummy, so we are going to give a it a try.

Wednesday - Tacos or something similar.

Thursday - Chicken and Spaghetti

Friday - Leftovers

Saturday - We have a birthday party for little Liam!

Sunday - Jambalaya - I've never made this before, but I'm going to give it a try.

So what about you? What are you making this week? Any tips on keeping food yummy, easy, and cheap?

Blogger is trying to tell me that etcetera isn't a word. WHO HAS THE ENGLISH DEGREE BLOGGER?! Me or you?!

So remember last week when I told you that my dog had a tick for the first time in her entire 5 years of existence? Well she got Lyme disease. How does that even happen? Luckily, it is very faint, so she's going to be on daily antibiotics for 4 weeks, and then she'll get a vaccine with a couple of boosters. I ordered some flea and tick preventative medicine. If we are going to be moving to the woods in New Hampshire, she's going to need it. She hasn't shown any symptoms, so hopefully the antibiotics will get it before she does.
Sad dog

How was everyone's Easter? Ours was great. We went to the hubby's grandparent's house for lunch and then to his mother's house for dinner. Got to see most of the clan on the hubby's side. CJ loved seeing his grampy and his uncle "Ga". CJ calls his uncle Casey "Ga" because he plays the guitar, which CJ also calls a "ga". CJ is a heavy metal fanatic. I got some hilarious video this weekend of him headbanging. Such a nut.

Well, I hope you had a great Easter weekend. We are a couple steps closer to getting that house in NH, so hopefully there will be more to come on that front. Thanks for stopping by! Pin It


  1. Love your idea for Monday's dinner! Do you make all of the parts from scratch?

    1. LoL, no. I'm sure I could and it'd be easy, but we just buy it. I make the falafel though.


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