Saturday, April 28, 2012

Picture Book Review & Giveaway - Literature for Babies

I love great literature, and I can't wait to share my favorites with my children. BabyLit is a new way to introduce the classics to your child even earlier.

Each book is written like an old-fashioned primer. Romeo and Juliet, Jane Eyre, and Pride and Prejudice are all counting primers. Alice in Wonderland is a colors primer. They are so freaking cute. It is a great way to introduce easy concepts in a different sort of way. Don't worry, the violence and sad things aren't in there. For example, Romeo and Juliet has only the sweet things like two lovers, eight love letters, and ten kisses. The Jane Eyre primer does allude to candles being left lit at night being very dangerous... I think my favorite in Pride and Prejudice is the "ten thousand pounds a year" and the "two gentlemen". We know how very important those are. Also, Elizabeth is wearing a shirt that says "I <3 Darcy" which is pretty awesome. The illustrations by Alison Oliver are absolutely adorable. Very simple and pretty. CJ's favorite is Alice in Wonderland because it has a cat, a frog, a rabbit, and a caterpillar. He's slightly obsessed with cats. I can't wait to use these next year as he learns his colors and numbers. They're super cute and will please both your babies and the book nerd in you. They are also available on your iPod and iTunes as apps.

Each book is available at Amazon for $9.99. I just found that they also have Dracula and A Christmas Carol, so I'm going to have to get those for him too. Click the images below for more information. Enjoy!

I will be giving away one of the books to two winners. You'll get to choose from Romeo and Juliet and Pride and Prejudice. Just use the rafflecoptor form below! 

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  1. I'd like to see Anne of Green Gables on BabyLit. --Thanks for this cute giveaway! :)

  2. Maybe a book that would appeal more to boys like Treasure Island.

  3. The hobbit! Not sure if that counts but I think it would be good! Is this giveaway international? I'm in the UK so if not you'll have to discount my entry :(

    1. The Hobbit is a great idea! So many creatures and places that could be used. The Shire, Morder, 1 Ring, 4 Hobbits, etc. I can ship to the UK as long as it isn't too crazy expensive. :)


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