Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guest Post - Speed Reading

To Speed Read or Not to Speed Read

If you are anything like me, perhaps you remember a time in your past, most likely when you were a student, where the first few days of the week would fly by and before you know it you were reading hundreds of pages of a textbook the night before a midterm. I remember those moments of panic of reading a page or two and then trying to recall what I had just breezed over to no avail, realizing that my efforts would certainly be fruitless.

Well those days are long behind me, and I now take pleasure in enjoying a Saturday afternoon slowly lingering on the pages of a great novel, or my personal favorite a book covering obscure history. I’m fairly certain my reading speed has dropped considerably, but comprehension has skyrocketed, as I now take the time to truly dive into the text.

Needless to say, my attitude towards reading always shifts depending on how much duress I am under to complete it in a set amount of time. 

This reading speed game created by Staples has been a fun tool to test your reading speed versus your comprehension. I suggest playing around with the options in the top right corner of the image before beginning to ensure the most accuracy. Make sure you also check out all the stats at the end, as it measures how quickly you could read some specific famous books:

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  1. This was cool..i read 27% faster than the average least at one am....hahaha!

    1. Apparently I'm 183% faster. But I think it is only because I got War of the Worlds to read and I've read it 23434632423 times.

  2. On the first one, I couldn't help but read faster than I normally would. So I got 48% higher on War of the Worlds, but then I didn't know the answers to the questions. (I've never read War of the Worlds.) I think I need a longer test, because when I start a new book, I read reeeeally slowly, because I find it hard to picture things, hear the people talking, etc., so if I read fast I forget everything. But once I'm into a book I think I read a lot faster. Interesting!


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