Thursday, January 10, 2013

Military Spouses and MyCAA

When you are in the military, there are a lot of programs to help you go to school. There aren't as many programs to help your spouse. That's where a new company, MyCAA, that is all about helping military spouses pay for tuition.

There are a lot of myths going around about what MyCAA can and cannot do, so they came up with a free ebook called Top 5 MyCaa Myths for military spouses. It tells you what funding the MyCAA can and cannot cover. It also looks at the some of the reasons that spouses don't take advantage of this opportunity. It also helps you figure out whether or not you are eligible.

It covers important things, like whether using MyCAA will use your spouse's GI bill. This is a big fear, never want to mess with the hubby's or wife's GI bill. A second big issue is people just assume that they won't qualify. Don't assume, check and make sure. Free school is good! People worry that their school isn't covered so they don't even check. Again, don't assume! They worry that applying is too difficult, so they don't bother. Uhmmm... if there is free money, your butt needs to fill out the paperwork. Finally, people worry that they'll have to pay it back if they fail a class. If all of these worry you, just check out the ebook! That is all you have to do.

So if you are a military spouse looking to go back to school this year, make sure you take advantage of everything MyCAA has to offer. Don't let this opportunity for free tuition pass you by. You deserve to go to school, you deserve to get a good job, and you deserve to get financial aid to do so!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine and are true. 
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  1. This seems to be a great move, much needed act for the certain individuals. Must appreciate though!

  2. I'm glad you posted this. My husband got his degree, but does have some benefits left..I wonder if I could use them! Thanks for giving me the reminder I need to check into this!

  3. This would be a great chance to military spouse who looking to go back to school.

  4. Sounds great news for all military spouses!

  5. This is really good, I think they really need this!


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