Saturday, January 26, 2013

Things I Found (TIF)

 Toddler Approved Alphabet Sticky Wall
Preschool Work Trays

25 Winter Books and Crafts
Hand Hand Fingers Thumb Ideas and Crafts - This is CJ's favorite book. One of mine too.
Finnick's Trident - It's sexy.

5 Things I Love About Picmonkey

Chicken Enchilada Recipe - I want this now.
Rocky Road Pudding Mousse - I haven't had a good mousse in years. 
DIY Anchor Statement Wall - I am in love. I want this for my entryway in my dream home.
Organize Your Scraptastic Paper - I need to do this, desparately. 
Simple Song Lyrics Painting - I want to put one in every room of the house.
Dutch Braids - They're the cutest. 
How to Make Felt Hair Bows - Perfect for Valentine's Day.

Best Movie Scientists Ever - Great list.

Car Tips and Tricks - Really useful info.
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  1. This is a great list!! I checked out a few already, I"m going to keep looking lots of great things to be found :)
    Oh and Kevin is too funny I just watch that episode with my dad the other night :)


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