Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters Ever

Not the best scene, but gets my point across.
Stop being so damn stubborn!

  1. Scarlett O'hara - Great balls of fire! (See what I did there?) Scarlett. My love. ASHLEY WILKES IS A SCUZBALL. He's not even attractive. Look at Rhett Butler. Just look at him. He's everything a man should be and HE LOVES YOU. Ugh. 
  2. Ashley Wilkes - Grow a pair of balls man and tell the woman that you don't love her. Don't lead her on for 1000 pages and completely destroy her one chance at happiness. And stop whining about the damn war, it's over. Get over it. 
  3. Daisy Buchanan - The whiniest most annoying character ever. I don't understand at all why Gatsby is in love with her. She has no substance, she's just a beautiful, stupid ball of fluff. 
  4. Someone tagged Kartik in this
    on tumblr and I
    almost died laughing.
  5. Kartik - You should have not have sacrificed yourself the way you did. I understand you felt it was necessary because of love but it wasn't. Now you and Gemma can never be together and I want to cry, so just stop.
  6. Anne Boleyn - I understand that she was ambitious and (possibly) in love, but did she have to be so damn rude? Try a little kindness Anne, and maybe people won't be so supportive of your head getting chopped off.  
  7. Jane Eyre - Possibly one of my favorite characters of all time, but she's just tedious sometimes. I get it, life sucks, and you are trying to fix it, but really? Running away is going to fix it? Thinking of marrying a guy whose first name is St. John? That's just obnoxious. 
  8. Mr. Darcy - I JUST WANT TO KICK YOU. You love her now stop smoldering about and just tell her!! Without the insults please, you are not that wonderful, get over yourself. (Ok, yes you are, but still.) 
  9. Everyone in Wuthering Heights - You all know how I feel about this book. Everyone in this book needs to just accept that they are all royally and incestuously disgusting and just move far far away from that moor. 
  10. Romeo & Juliet - First of all, you are twelve, you really need to get a hold of your emotions and go to school. Secondly, really Romeo? Really? You can't wait 7 seconds to check and see if she really is dead. You are just going to take someone's word for it. You can't even check to see if she's breathing? Ugh. 
  11. Everyone in Twilight - No one in this book has any substance at all. They are just annoying archetypes  who create their own problems and then complain about it. And Bella is just useless. You could've used a cat in her place and it might have been a better story. 
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  1. Your list cracks me up! I didn't even think of Romeo and Juliet, but YES. Act first, think later is never not frustrating. And I put St. John on my list because he's just so... rigid, but the fact that Jane even considers marrying him for a minute is frustrating, too. "Everyone in Wuthering Heights." Could this be why I cannot make it through that book for the life of me?

    1. Ugh, I dislike St. John. I guess he's not so bad as a character but he is sooooo far below the level of Mr. Rochester that I don't even understand how he could be a plausible replacement. It's like you find out that Ryan Gosling is in love with you, but you decide to marry the guy who plays Freddy Kreuger.

  2. I agree with every single one of these except for #4 and #5 but that's only because I haven't read those books yet. I especially agree with Scarlett and Ahsley. Seriously love Ashley over Rhett? What the heck is wrong with you.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Here's mine

    ~Danica Page@Taking it One Page at a Time

    1. I don't like Ashley over anyone. Every single character, including Prissy, is better than him. He's just so ugggh.

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  4. Yes! I get so annoyed at characters in books, I just want to scream at them - glad I am not the only one xo


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