Saturday, January 19, 2013

Things I Found (3)

Reasons to Breastfeed - In case you need some more. 
I lied about the fish. - I am completely prepared to do this to CJ as well. 
DIY Baby Bowties - Cuz bowties are cool. 

International Children's Digital Library - So many books, so many languages, all free. 
Martin Luther King, Jr Teachings - Important, vital life information.

Beef Stroganoff Fusilli
Rocky Road Cupcakes in a Cone
30 Super Sweet Oatmeal Recipes
French Toast Cups
Broccoli and Cheese Twice Baked Potatoes
Meatball Pizza
Crock Pot Italian Sloppy Joes
Game Day Buffet - Italian Style

French Fishtail Braid

Valentine's Day
20 Sweet Valentine's Day Printables

Running Late is Not OK - This is why I try to be 15 minutes early at all times.
A Love Letter to 30 Rock - I'm gonna miss this show.

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