Sunday, January 27, 2013

Son-day Sunday

This week CJ got to go see Sesame Street Live. He was in awe of the entire performance (review coming soon). He keeps telling me "Nee (Ernie) touch my head!!" He is a total fanboy. He must get that from his mama.

I put a stool in front of the bathroom sink so CJ could see himself when he is brushing his teeth. Tonight he stands up on it, looks in the mirror, and says "Yaya look at handsome Yaya."

For some reason, he has been waking up during the night. He hasn't been calling for us, he just gets up into his chair and sleeps there. No idea why he is doing that, but we keep finding him like this in the morning. Any time we put him in his room, either for a time out or for quiet time (since he won't nap anymore) he seems to fall asleep. This chair is magical.

CJ is currently obsessed with whether or not people like him. So he says "Meow (the cat) not like me. Dabbadoo (the dog) like me. Mama, oo (you) like me?" I told him of course I do, I love him. So now he keeps telling me "Mama like me." Such a goof.

There were two forks in front of me and CJ had one. He pointed at them and said "Mama, we have three forks." Where does he learn this stuff?!

Here's an update on CJ's speech therapy. He still sees the lady once a week. I don't particularly think she is teaching him much, but his speech is improving. Just in the last week, I feel like he has been talking a ton. I think part of it is his excitement about seeing Sesame Street live. He wants to share it with everyone so he won't stop talking about it. A lady came from the local school to talk to us about what will happen when CJ turns three. He will no longer be eligible for early intervention services, so then he would go into the school system. They said that they would do some testing to see if he still needed speech therapy. If he did, he could either go to it twice a week at the school for just a half hour or he could attend the preschool for 3 hours twice a week. It actually sounds like something he would really like. I was worried but the lady alleviated some of my fears about him being labeled special education and about him going to school in general. I feel much better about it now. Chances are he will be starting school the same time I start teaching, so it won't be that big of a deal. Pin It


  1. It's such fun to watch the little ones learn and grown. Great shots of him in the chair.


  2. My son used to sleep in chairs, rubbermaid, wherever he could find a spot! And we took our daughter to see Sesame Street Live too and she loved it! We are currently working on transitioning her from speech therapy services to starting Kindergarten in September! Great pictures.

  3. I can totally relate to sleeping in the comfy chair! We have one at home that we all fight over...nothing better than snoozing in it!

  4. I need one of those magical chairs! Will it work on a chatty 5 year old? :)

  5. Wow. Lucky CJ seeing Sesame Street Live. I never got to do things like that when I was a kid! :)

    My Sunday Salon

    1. Me either. That's why I have to make sure he does awesome stuff like this.


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