Sunday, January 6, 2013

Son-day Sunday

Just a few silly little CJ-isms.

1. I lay CJ down to change his diaper. The following occurs:

CJ - Mama ani-ize my ass.
Me - Uhmm, what?
CJ - An-ize my ass.

I realized he was trying to say "Sanitize my crevasse." because Dada and I quote Stewie Griffin saying that whenever we wipe his butt.

2. CJ is sitting on the couch with the dog. He turns to her, wraps his arms around, smooches her face and says "I uv oo dabbadoo." I almost cried.

3. CJ got a lot of clothes from his 4 year old cousin Zachie. Anytime he puts some of them on, he makes me take a picture and send it to Zachie. So I put some new warm pajamas on him, and he says Zachie! Then he jumps on the couch and poses like this:

4. Over the holidays, CJ kept referring to a Santa hat as a Grinch (or Inch as he calls him) hat. Whenever he posed for a Christmas picture he would give a Grinch smile. He thinks the Grinch is the mascot of Christmas and Santa is just Elf's pal. Pin It

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