Monday, February 20, 2012

MG/YA E-book Review - The Jinx by DF Lamont

The Jinx is a short novel about Stephen Grayson, who has pretty much the worst luck ever. It all starts on the first day of school when he crashes his bicycle. It only gets worse from there. After nearly setting fire to his house, Stephen decides that for the safety of his family, he must run away. That's when things get crazy. He runs into crazy creepy creatures called Chaons and learns from the mysterious Daedalus (named aptly for the mythological inventor I would venture to guess) that there are strong forces in the world causing his bad luck. He's not just a jinx. The forces he is now a part of are at war, a war between order and chaos.

I really enjoyed this short novel. It was a very quick and enjoyable read. Stephen was a very relateable teenager. He wasn't the emotionally broken or overly angsty teenage anti-heroes that we read about in YA/MG fiction so much these days. His love for his family was part of what drives him and I really liked that. The sci-fi and fantasy elements of the story were surprising. I didn't expect them at all. I would recommend this book to all sci-fi and/or fantasy YA/MG fans.

The Jinx is currently available for nook and for kindle and on paperback over on amazon. Or you could win an e-book copy from me.

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  1. Good morning I have at last got around to writing my first review for the A-Z Title Challenge and cannot find where to link it to here. Sorry to be a nuisance but can you let me know please.

  2. Unluckiest thing? Hmmm. I don't feel like I'm really unlucky, I mean, I've embarrassed myself many times. I guess the unluckiest thing that has happened to me is my inability to talk to the guy I like. Sigh.

  3. My unluckiest thing is also my most humiliating and hilarious thing. I cracked my chin open when I was seven while taking a shower. The doctor kept asking me how I did it and I told her, "I just fell asleep." She didn't believe me. :D

  4. Probably scheduling two vacations at once. It was fairly unlucky :)
    pomegranatesunrise (at)gmail (dot)com

  5. Any news on where we are to share our reviews for February yet please?

    1. Yep, if you are doing the February Challenge, the link is here :

      If you are simply doing a review of a book you read this month, you don't have to link up anywhere. Thanks!

    2. Thanks so much, for some reason I thought we linked up each review. I will take a look at the challenge although rather late for February now.

  6. ick... I was hired by the oil/gas co and then kept getting flat tires for an entire 2 motnhs - literally 5 tires had to be changed. IT WAS A SIGN!
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  7. My brother jumped on my back twice in a row and now i'm disabled because it ruined my back


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