Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CJ's Week

Last week was crazzzzy busy. Especially for CJ, he had a lot of things to do last week.

CJ's prizes from the dentist.
Well a few weeks ago, I had a guest post on the importance of early dental care. So this past week, CJ had his first dental visit. He did such a good job. He charmed all of the female hygenists, even taking one (the blonde one of course) by the hand and leading her to sit on the chair with him. If you are near Derry NH, I highly recommend Ahearn and Nichols dental office. They were amazing. The dentist we saw was one of the two named John. He was just amazing with CJ. I don't remember ever having a fun dentist experience like this when I was a kid. He had CJ sit in my lap and then just lay his head back so that he could look at his teeth. He was very gentle. When CJ started to fuss a little bit, the dentist started singing to him and CJ quieted right back down. When the exam was over, he talked to me about his teeth (which are perfect), gave him his prizes (a toothbrush with a cat on it), and then CJ held his hand and walked out into the waiting area to meet Dada. He also flew CJ around the waiting room like a helicopter before he said goodbye. I was so impressed with how well he handled CJ and his appointment. I'm actually looking forward to my own dental appointment later this month.

Reading his report card from
Early Intervention.
I don't remember if I've mentioned this on here before. CJ's pediatrician is worried because CJ doesn't really talk much. He's 23 months and he says mama, dada, nana, and then a bunch of made up words. Those of us who are around CJ all the time aren't all that worried because he can communicate just fine. But I decided to go ahead and contact Early Intervention just in case. So on Friday, CJ had his early intervention evaluation. He thought it was the best playdate ever. Three ladies came over with a big bag of toys he'd never seen before and they all played with him. He actually cried when they left. He was so sad that his friends were leaving him. There was a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, and physical therapist. At the end of the evaluation, they shared with me their results. They said that cognitively, socially, physically, and with his manual dexterity, he is well above where he should be at 23 months. The speech therapist said that his receptive speech, or how well he understands what is being said, is age-appropriate. She said that his expressive speech, his way of speaking expressing what he needs or wants, is 13-18 months. So he's not too far off. Because there is a delay though, he is eligible for speech therapy through early intervention. I will definitely keep you all apprised of how that goes.

Covered in paint,
and you can see paint behind him.
I saved the best for last. Two weeks ago, hubby put CJ's crib back together. He decided to turn it into the big boy bed by leaving off one of the sides. So the first few mornings, CJ woke up, got out of bed, and turned off his monitor to alert us that he was up. Then he started to just run into our room, kicking open our door, and just yelling DADAMAMADADAMAMADADAMADA! Well, Saturday morning, he woke up God knows when, walked his happy butt down the stairs, turned on the TV, tried to get the WII going, went into the cabinets and got himself some crackers. Then when he got bored, he walked into the office, found some paint and paintbrushes, and decided to paint the hallway floor and the door to our room. When he was finished, he walked into our room covered in paint and woke us up. This was at 10am. He usually wakes up at 8. So stinkypoo now has a gate on his door so when he wakes up he's still stuck in his room. So now he wakes up and just calls out "MAMAMADADAMAMADADAMADADAMAMA!" Pin It

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