Monday, August 27, 2012

Guest Post : Baby Fire Safety

Baby Fire Safety: the Basics

Adults in their homes must consider the basics of fire safety, especially when an infant is a member of the household. Around the home and in the bedrooms simple steps can be taken to make certain that an unexpected fire does not destroy the home and its inhabitants.

Prevention of Accidental FireFires that start in the home are unpredictable and destructive. Babies are the ones most often to die in the smoke and flames of a house fire. Installing safety devices and having practical plans to prevent accidental fire is essential. The following are some steps to take to keep the home safe from fires:

Safety devices - Correct installment of smoke alarms that are in good working condition is one of the first steps to take when preventing house fires. Recommended are alarms attached to the ceiling at various points throughout the house that have the ability to interconnect and alert of fire or smoke.

For the infant's bedroom where the child will lie down unattended, installing baby monitors is highly advantageous. These can be sound detectors or sound and image so that caretakers can leave the baby alone and still have some way to watch the infant.
For the time when a fire in the home occurs, fire extinguishers of various types should be placed in the kitchen and other spots throughout the home. For houses that have upper floors, keeping a fire ladder in an easily accessible place is important. Additional safety is found in having working automatic sprinkler systems.

Fire escape plan - Every household should have a workable fire escape plan that is regularly practiced. Then, one adult should be designated as the one to carry the baby out in the event of a fire.
Candles - Candles should never burn unattended, and they should always sit out in the open with nothing flammable around them when they are burning.

Smoking - All smoking items like cigarettes and pipes should not be lit and set down anywhere but safe holders and fires safe disposal containers and as a child gets older cigarette lighters should be always kept out of reach.

Space heaters - All space heaters should be unplugged when unattended. These appliances should also be placed three feet away from anything flammable.

Kitchen appliances - Cooks must not leave the kitchen when anything is cooking.

Electric outlets - Outlet covers should be on outlets not in use. Multi-plugs in one receptacle (overloading) is not safe. Kitchens and bathroom outlets must be equipped with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters so they will shut off automatically when sensing moisture.
Fire places, chimneys and outdoor grill stations are fire hazards. These features must be attended at all times when in use and cleaned regularly.

Fire Safety Responsibilities
Accidental fires are rare in homes in which the adults have taken the proper safety measures, but fires can happen so fast and lives are changed forever. When a baby is brought into the home, the parents or guardians in that home have the responsibility to take the time for securing the house against fires.

Author Bio:
Martha is an expert in home and business security and pays particular attention to fire safety and prevention. She is currently studying at risk assessment at university so that she can further her knowledge in this field. She is writing on behalf of discount fire supplies who provide a large variety of fire safety equipment. For more information on fire safety including discount fire supplies for your home or business.
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  1. these are great tips! thank you for this wonderful post :)

  2. great tips - thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful tips!

  4. Great tips! We do all of them. I'd add that when cooking have kids out of the kitchen and keep the pans handles out of reach.


  5. This is a great list of tips for everyone but especially for people with kids and babies! I'll be forwarding the link to my friends with little ones at home, thanks!

  6. Great info, thanks! Would you recommend a safety ladder or Baby Rescue?

  7. I am looking for an idea to write a guest post about fire fighter products and I got here. I had fun reading and I totally agree you can't be complacent in any way if you have a baby. Safety y precautions must be head.

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