Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Salon

Well it is Sunday, and I haven't posted much about my life lately, so I guess I will give an update on life.

Last week, my cousins Caitlin and Connor came to visit from Colorado. Though they are my cousins, I lived with them in high school, so they consider me more like a sister. Connor kept asking if he was CJ's uncle brother cousin. I told him we weren't from Alabama. (I kid, I kid Alabamians!) They went with CJ to his swim lessons, Connor played video games most of the time (he's 8, so it's understandable), and CJ was obsessed with Caitlin. When their grandparents came to pick them up, CJ said "Nooooooooooo" in the saddest little voice as they drove away. Not going to lie, I balled my eyes out. I didn't realize how much I missed them until I got to keep them for a little while. They are back in Colorado soon and start school next week.
Caity-bear, CJ, and Connor
Speaking of school, I mentioned in May that I was going back to school. Did I forget to let you guys know that I was accepted? Well I was. I am going to be studying for my Master's in Elementary Education. I just registered for classes. I'll start the first week in September. I'm super super excited. I'm taking 3 classes (so far, I might have to add a 4th) : Theories of Thinking and Learning, Intro to Literary Practices for Elementary, and Intro to Special Education. I might have to take a writing course if they offer it online this semester. I'm doing one class online and two in person. Speaking of back to school, don't forget to enter to win a backpack full of eco-friendly school supplies.

Hubby is doing good. He's switching to a weekend baylor position so I can go to school. He's work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Possibly one more day during the week. So CJ will still be home with us. :)

CJ is still a stereotypical two year old. He honestly isn't as bad as others I've seen, but he does have his moments. His favorite word is no. Thanks to my favorite speech therapist for teaching him that. Speaking of speech therapy, I hate it. I really don't like the therapist, and I am thinking of calling to get a new one. She basically said I was a bad mom because I wasn't sending him to preschool at age 3. He's only 2, why is that even coming up right now?! Argh. I could go on a full rant about that but I won't. CJ also had swim lessons this past week. He told the instructor no to everything that she wanted him to do, but he had fun and learned a bit. He learned to make scoops, a kick his feet, and jump off the dock, and blow bubbles to talk to the fish.

I mentioned last week that I'm officially (clinically) considered infertile. Well as an update, I'm on medicine called Provera, which will stimulate my body into having a period. Sorry for the overshare. :) That could be all it takes to kick my body into gear. Here's hoping!

Here on the blog, I got nominated by someone for Best Book Blogger over at Skinny Scoop. Thank you to whoever nominated me, you rock my socks. If you want to vote for me, just go here  and follow the instructions. As far as what I've been reading, I'm in a bit of a slump. Every book I start reading is just really boring to me. I don't know what it is. Hopefully I'll find some good books soon, so I can share them with you all.

So that's life right now. A little hectic and a lot of fun. :) Pin It


  1. No therapist should make you feel like a bad mom. None. Definitely call for a new one.

    Kept meaning to email you about your previous post. Feel free to email me privately if you want to talk Clomid. My experience was several years ago - like 11 - but happy to talk more if you'd like. :)

  2. Oh, I can feel my hackles rising whenever a so-called therapist calls someone a "bad mom" because of the therapist's preconceived notions of what's the "right" way to do things. Just saying...

    Congrats on your master's course.


  3. Sounds like you are definitely keeping busy! CJ sounds a lot like my almost-two year old. She, too, is obsessed with no!

  4. Hope the Provera goes well for you! Sending good period vibes! :)


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