Monday, August 13, 2012

A-Z Mini-Challenge #8 - Super-human

I didn't forget this month's challenge, I just couldn't come up with a topic. My brain was complete mush every time I tried to think of a topic for you guys. I was going to make it a freebie, then I realized two things happened this month that were pretty awesome. 

1. The Olympics
2. Curiosity lands on Mars.

Sometimes when I am watching the Olympics, it seems like they are almost super-human. The way they bend or run. Just how powerful they are. It is amazing. And obviously landing on Mars is super-human since we can't yet do it ourselves. So that is this month's challenge...

Read a book with a super-human character! 

As usual, your interpretation of this can be pretty broad. If you think the character is super-human in any way, you can use it. Let me know what you read! You'll have until September 15th for this challenge since I'm so late posting it.

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  1. I'm reading one at the moment that probably qualifies :-)

  2. I am hoping that super can also mean someone who is super sized as someone 6 feet and 300 pounds. As I am reading a biography of Zero Mostel who had a "gargantuan personality". He stood refused to give in to being blacklisted and did a lot of work after being blacklisted. I would call him a "super" human, and hope this will meet the topic.


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