Friday, August 26, 2011

Most underrated book - Wideacre

Day 07 - Most Underrated Book

A lot of people are big fans of historical fiction author Philippa Gregory. Her biggest hits are her Tudor series, mostly centering on the Boleyns, which starts (time-wise) with The Constant Princess. The most famous of the series is obviously The Other Boleyn Girl. I think the most underrated book is from her Wideacre series. I'm a big fan of the first one called surprisingly Wideacre.

The book series follows the Lacey family. Wideacre begins the series with Beatrice Lacey. She's beautiful and strong-minded and desperate to escape the constrictions imposed on her in the 18th century. Knowing that once she is wed, she will lose herself as well as her home, she goes to drastic measures to ensure her ancestral heritage. She will use seduction, betrayal, murder, and even incest to get what she wants. The book will keep you riveted the entire time. The series continues with The Favored Child and Meridon. I think that I actually began the series with The Favored Child and then went back to Wideacre.

These books were my first introduction to the wonderful world of Philippa Gregory. She has the most amazing ability to bring you back in time. She can make you feel pity for the most vile of humans and hate the most innocent. She is just a wonderful author. I recommend almost any of her books. Pin It

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