Thursday, August 18, 2011

Home Ec

I just signed up for the Home Ec class from I'm super excited. It's not really "Home Ec", it's how to sew and use your sewing machine and all that. The class is a go at your own pace course. Everything is laid out in explicit detail with images. They give you a bunch of projects that teach the techniques. The projects are gorgeous themselves. They even teach you how to hem jeans (important since the hubby walks on his jeans) and how to re-purpose clothes. It's $50 for the course. I already feel like it's worth it and I haven't even turned on the machine yet.

I have a computerized Brother sewing machine I bought in South Korea. I have never even turned it on. Until my mom was visiting in July, I never even took it out of the box. I see all these awesome crafty things that people sew and I want to do that too!! It would broaden my crafting horizons tenfold.

So far, I love the course. They break everything down Barney-style. I have been staring at the sewing machine for 3 years just boggled by everything on it. Then I watched Leigh-Ann's tutorial on filling a bobbin and threading the needle, and now it seems REALLY easy. This alone made the $50 worth it. Well, I'm about to plug it in and try it myself. I'll let you know how it goes.

HOLY CRAP I CAN SEW!! I figured out how to thread a bobbin, thread my machine, and stitch foward and backwards. This is AWESOME! I tried to take a picture of my work, but it didn't come out. Once I finish one of the projects I'll post a picture. Yay! Pin It

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