Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Breastfeeding Week!!

This week is World Breastfeeding Week! Woohooo! CJ and I are still going strong with the nursing at 1 year, 1 month. It was a rough start, but we are still trucking. I had all the normal problems in the beginning. He wouldn't latch, I didn't have enough milk to keep him happy, etc. Add to that the fact that we were separated for 3 days will I was in the ICU and that the nurse on the day I came back told me it was going to be too hard and to just give up. :( I was a sad mama. Then the day we left the hospital, I was waiting for Craig to bring the car around front and CJ started crying. I didn't have anything with me so I figured I'd give it one more try. He latched on like a champ and the rest is history. :) I love my little bambino.

Let me just say this. I am really happy and proud that I was able to breastfeed. This does not mean that I judge people that don't. What you do with your boobies is your business. Don't breastfeed? Fine with me. Breastfeed until age 5? Fine with me. I don't know when CJ and I will stop, but it won't be until he and I are ready.

Check out this hilarious blog post called 10 Things about Boob Feeding for a little more truth about breastfeeding. I could not stop cracking up.

Tell me about your breastfeeding journey. Was it hard? Easy? Any tips for new moms? Pin It

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