Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fishy signs!

I apologize that I haven't been keeping up with the "signs" part of the blog name. We are still signing with CJ and he is loving it. He has two new things that he's doing with signs.

Whenever we've heard the ABC song on something, I've signed along with it. Well now CJ does too. Obviously, he has no idea what he is doing, and isn't actually signing the correct letter signs. The fact that he knows that there are signs that go along with the letters is still good. He thinks he's hilarious when he's doing it. If I don't see, he comes over to make sure I see. If I don't hear the song, he comes over to make sure that I do so I'll sign along.

He has been doing the same thing when we sing "There was a dog and Bingo was his name-o". He loves that he gets to clap and sign with that one.

Finally, CJ has made up his own sign! Since he was a baby, he has made a really funny face. I'll try to find a picture of it. There's a picture to the right. We called it his fishy face, so we made a fishy face back at him. So now whenever we say fish, he tries to make a fishy face at us. It's so funny. I'll try to get a video of it too.

As far as teaching the baby sign language, I haven't had much luck. Everyone is interested in taking the classes, but no one is interested in hosting them. I will be doing some "read and sign" and "sing and sign" classes at the local library to try to drum up some business. I'll post about those when I get a little more information. Pin It

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