Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekly Reading Round-Up

So this week, the only thing I've read is Storm of Swords. I've actually managed to get quite a bit of reading done. Since the book is over 1000 pages though, it's only been the one book.

Out of the three Song of Fire and Ice books I've read so far, this one is my least favorite. I don't necessarily think it is the worst of the three, just so many bad things happen! Everyone I like is dead or missing and everyone I hate is alive and well. Save one nasty little business who finally gets what is coming for him.

I've promised the hubby that I'll stop reading the series after this one, just so it gives him time to catch up. He's only on book 1. We'll be reading together in bed and I'll be like "YES! He's dead!" and my hubby says "DON'T TELL ME!!" So it'll be much easier if we are reading it at the same time. No more accidental spoilers.

Speaking of "Spoilers". How about last week's Doctor Who huh? I freaking love Melody Pond. LOVE! And Rory, I could just carry Rory around in my pocket all day and be happy. Pin It

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