Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Man Bits"

Having never had a son before, I wasn't exactly prepared for the moment when my son would notice his "man bits" as I've taken to calling them. The first time was probably three months ago. I had him on the changing table, mid-change, when he put his hand down there. He felt his bits, and promptly started screaming bloody murder. "Where did that come from?!" he asked.

A few nights later, I was changing him on the living room floor into his pajamas. I usually let him run around naked for a few minutes. Well, this time, he stood up, touched his bits again, and then ran around the house screaming like they were chasing him. I was trying so hard not to laugh. I just put his diaper on him and he seemed to forget about them.

Now it seems a daily thing. He doesn't scream anymore. Now he's just fascinated. Anytime he's naked, his hands are on his bits. In the tub, on the changing table, at the doctor's office. No harm done, I say. Just like with everything else, he's exploring. Far be it for me to keep him from it.

I just wondered what everyone else's baby body part explorations were like. Let me know if your baby did anything similar.

Ps. I am aware that it is extremely childish to say "man bits" instead of penis. Well that's too bad, I don't like the word penis. I also don't like the word vagina. Blame my Catholic upbringing. Pin It

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