Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hispanic Heritage Month - Barefoot Books Discount

Did you know that September 15th-October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month in the US? Well, now you do. Don't say I never taught you anything. :)

Well in honor of the month, I am giving a 10% discount on all my Spanish language and Spanish/English books from Barefoot Books. Those titles are :

Spanish only
iMira quiƩn toca calipso!
Un Recorrido por las Estaciones
Abuelita Fue Mercado
El Mundo
Oso en Casa
Oso en la Ciudad
Oso en un Cuadrad
Oso en Bicicleta
Oso Bajo el Sol
Nos Vamos a Mexico
Nos Fuimos Todos de Safari
Navegamos a Galapagos
El Nabo Gigante
El Milagro de la primera flor de Nochebuena
Los Tres Chivitos Gruff
Loro Tico Tango
Hay Una Vaca entre las Coles
Familia Activia de Oso
Fiesta Feminina

Spanish and English
Oso en Casa/ Bear at Home
Oso en la Ciudad/ Bear About Town

Rather than click on all the links, if you go to Mama Munky's Barefoot Books and click on the Spanish folder you can see all the titles and prices. To place an order, either message me from Mama Munky's Barefoot Books or e-mail me at LindseyAylward@yahoo.com.

Anyone who purchases a book between now and October 15th will be entered to win ANY Barefoot Book of their choice ($19.99 and under). Pin It

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