Thursday, December 1, 2011

MG/YA Review and Giveaway : The Magi

Goodreads' Description : Thirteen-year-old Elijah Hawk has never heard of the Magi. He doesn't know about the secret power they have. He has never been to Savenridge, the Magi city hidden deep inside the northern forests. Most of all, Elijah is unaware of the dangers hunting him, in search for something he has. After one terrifying night, however, all of that changes! 

My review : This book was so good! I wanted to read it all at once, but the baby wouldn't let me! The book centers on Elijah Hawk, a seemingly normal guy with a normal family. This all changes one night when his family is murdered. He escapes from the murderer and goes to live with his uncle. There he learns that he still isn't safe. His uncle goes missing and he is sent to a boarding school. While he thinks he is safe at the boarding school, he isn't happy, mostly because the headmaster and instructors are horrible to him. One of his teachers Master Roddick, helps he and his room mate escape from the horrible boarding school and get to Savenridge. 

In Savenridge, Elijah finally starts to find some answers, about who his family is, where he comes from, who the Magi are, and why anyone would be out to hurt him. He also starts to make friends and has some pretty awesome adventures. He learns that there are people who are able to harness the elements of air, fire, water, and earth to create magic.

This story has everything in it, magic, evil henchmen, wizards (called Magi), and elemental powers. To me it was a sort of cross between Avatar (the airbender, not the blue people) and Harry Potter. The only problem I really had with the book was the way the characters interacted with each other. Maybe it's because I'm now old (only 27!) but the way the teenagers spoke to each other just didn't ring true for me. They were extremely polite, even when they were mad or upset. Other than that, great book. I'd definitely recommend this to any fans of middle grade and young adult books. 

I rated this book 3.5 stars. 

Thank you Kevin for letting me read your first book, I look forward to the next. 

Would you like to win a e-book copy of The Magi? Just leave a comment below with which element (air, water, fire, earth) you think that you would be in control of if you were a Magi. 
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  1. Hi Lindsey! I'm about to starting reading this book for review myself. Thanks for your review, it helps give me a good background knowledge as I start to read.

  2. Hey! You commented on my first Random Reads post and I wanted to let you know that the first meme for it is up now (here) in case you wanted to join in. Thanks :)

    ♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books

  3. I think that i would be in control of fire if i were a Magi.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!(If this giveaway is international,plsz count me in.I am an INTL from India)


  4. i would be probably in control of water - i love water. i could stay in my bathtub for hours XD

    witchvela at web dot de

  5. I would be in control of air, I am sure :)


  6. I would probably control the earth. I love nature :) Thanks for the contest!

    barbrafl737 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  7. I would definitely control water.

    silverrose313 at gmail dot com

  8. I've had Magi on my wishlist for awhile now. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Definitely control earth, as my gradening self would go wild.
    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  9. Looks like a very interesting book. I think I'd be water - put out the fire, fill the air, and cover the earth. ;-)

  10. I would love to control air. I could figure out a way to fly! :)


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