Friday, December 9, 2011

Fun Meme Friday!

What is your favorite Christmas cookie?
I'm not sure what they are called, but my friend Joni makes them. They're amaaaazing. When she made them for my company when I was in the Army, everyone wanted the recipe. She's gonna send me some for Christmas, so yippee. I can't even describe what they're like besides FREAKING DELICIOUS

What is your favorite holiday movie and why?
The Grinch. I mean hello. It's the Grinch. 

Is there a gift you bought for your children that you wish you hadn't after they opened it?
Not yet.

What is the messiest room in the house at this moment?
My bedroom. It is just the catch-all for everything. Especially since I don't have a craft room, there are just craft supplies in every nook and cranny. The dresser is piled high with stuff too. There's a pile of clean laundry by my husband's dresser and a basket of clean laundry by mine.

What is the furthest you have driven for the holidays?
My grandmother once flew herself, her husband, and me to Denver, then we had to drive from there to Fort Collins. While that isn't normally a long drive, it is when your grandmother is insane and her husband is driving on the wrong side of the ride in Denver.

Pet peeves?
Ignorant people. Rude people. Bad grammar.

Typical day from wake up to bed.
8-830 : wake up with the baby
830-930 : Nurse baby in bed so I can sleep a little more
930-10 : Breakfast
10-12 : Play/read/sing/dance/amuse baby. Clean randomly.
12 : Lunch
1 : If hubby is gone, this is nap time, otherwise it's more keep baby amused time.
2 : Naptime if it isn't already.
3 -4 : Wake up from nap, have a snack
4 - 5 : Play/read/sing/dance/amuse baby. Clean randomly.
430 - 530 : Make dinner, feed baby.
530 : If dada is at work, call and say hi.
6 : Tubby time for baby.
6 - 7 : Read books until bedtime.
7 : Nurse baby, put him to bed.
730 : Take out dog, feed dog.
8 - 11 : Clean, do random stuff, blog. 
1130 - bedtime : Hang out with the hubby when he gets home from work, read, then bed.

I live a very exciting life people.

Pizza or pasta?
I love them both!!! I'll go with pizza. 

Finish the sentence - One book I was I had written is...
Gone with the Wind or Lord of the Rings or The Great Gatsby.

Favorite sport?
I don't play any sports, but if the Sox are playing, I enjoy watching baseball.

What book do you think that everyone should read and if you could, you would buy it for all of your friends?
I would probably go with Peter Pan and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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Book to Movie: Which book turn movie do you feel did the best adaptation? What about the worst?

Excellent question. 

Best : Lord of the Rings trilogy. Yea they added some bullsh*t about Arwen, but other than that, it was amazing seeing Middle Earth come to life. I loved Viggo as Aragorn. 

Worst : Beowulf. The CGI version. Beowulf is one of the most beautiful works ever written. The crap CGI and ridiculous voice overs in the CGI version (with Angelina Jolie) just made me really freaking mad. 

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  1. Oooh Peter Pan, I hadn't though of that. Great answer!

    Here's my FF!

  2. Great answer! Though I must confess I've never been able to get past the first 50 pages of LotR. >.< Sorry!

    Amy's Follow Friday

  3. i haven't read lotr yet! love the movies, though!

    Following you here!! Will you stop by my post?! I have a giveaway going on as well! :)

  4. I hate rude people! I also live an extremely exciting life LOL

    Visit my Know Me Better
    I also am participating in a giveaway hop so feel free to enter. There are over 100 over blogs too so you can hop and enter those to! Just hit home because my link will take you only to this post.

  5. Oooh I've always had a hard time with the LOTR trilogy. I liked & enjoyed the Hobbit but I just find LOTR too descriptive and drawn out. You know though, I've never actually read Peter Pan and I totally should!

  6. I promised a couple of fellow book bloggers I wouldn’t “machine gun” my Follow Friday posts on the blogs I visit but this week’s Follow Friday has inspired me to make an important exception.

    The book I think everyone should read is a work of non-fiction called The Four Hour Workweek. The thing is, the book is very well written and entertaining so it reads like a work of fiction. What the book can do to enhance your life and change the way you live day by day seems unbelievable on its face which might mark it a legitimate work of fiction for the skeptics out there.

    If you read this work of non-fiction and really follow the advice it gives and apply the insights you’ll gain, your life will read like a modern tale fairytale.

    I encourage, implore and even insist you follow me back to my book blog so you can find out why I think EVERYONE should read The Four Hour Workweek –


    Howard Sherman

  7. Checking out your FF
    I liked the Lord of the Rings movies but found them a little too long for me!

    Old Follower!
    Visit my FF Jennifer @ Some Like It Paranormal

  8. I love the Grinch. Now that you mention pizza, sure wish I had some.

  9. Hopping through. I still need to read the last LOTR. I want to start the series again. I think I'll enjoy it more.
    My Hop

  10. Peter Pan! I haven't thought about that book in awhile. Great gifting choice. New GFC follower for FF.
    My Follow Friday

  11. I love both the old and new Grinch! Pizza and pasta are both yummy, love me some noodles :D

    Very cute blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    April @ My Shelf Confessions


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